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Thread: wireless network PCI card

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    wireless network PCI card

    I have a wireless PCI card that links to our hub - a buffalo g54 airstation - the thing is the connection i have keeps cutting out, the PCI card I have is ADMtek ADM8211 Wireless Adapter, could it merely be a compatability problem? it can't be anything to do with distance or walls in the way as the computer in question sits next to another computer also with wireless connection (uses a bufflo g54 ethernet converter), also two other laptops connect and do not suffer from intermitant cut off either from the internet/network as this one does...
    I am aware of having to turn off the hub and BB modem to allow them to rest every week or so - not sure why just know you have to otherwise nothing happens - so it isn't that.
    I'm also experiencing VERY slow BB, when compared to neighbouring computer, seems like wireless 56k!
    what can I do to get a more stable connection?
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    Wireless 56k, the possibilites....
    With wireless stuff it's best to stick with the same manufacturer. I would say it sounds like a compatability problem to me.
    I have a pair of Buffalos and they are great if you ask me. This card should be compatible with your 54G. Its a wireless PCI adapter card which you can get over at Dabs and its quicklinx is 2G3JWS and if you don't want the antenna you could always sell it to me coz i'm in need of an antenna for my Airstation
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    Don't forget the different cards may have different reception due to different antennae.

    What signal level do you get in the task bar??

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    How long is everything from the AP? As you are getting futher away from the AP your signal is getting lower. And too long away can result in low bandwithdt.

    Otherwise, are you running WEP of any kind? WEP can slow down and make your signal range shorter.
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