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Thread: cannot connect to internet through LAN or wireless anymore!!

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    Exclamation cannot connect to internet through LAN or wireless anymore!!

    Hi, I'm currntly trying to update the firmware on my dodgey Linksys Wag54g and i need to be connected to it 'wired' to be safe. The laptop i'm using to do this used to connect to the router through wireless so i disabled that plugged in the CAT cable and away i went...not . How do i get the laptop to connect to the internet throught LAN into the back of the router. It shows that the connection is on 100mb/s but i don't know how to access the internet? Whats more annoying is when i take out the cable and enable the wireless, that can no longer connect to the internt(page cannot be displayed). It's on Xp by the way. The routers address is or something like that. Please help, im tearing my hair out!!
    Cheiftech Matrix/xp 2600@ 2.3ghz/ Abit NF7 v2/1gb GEIL value dual channel pc3200@ 2.5-3-3-6/XFX 6600gt/80gb Western Digital boot disk/80gb maxtor for storage and games/LG cdrw/Nec 3500A

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    I have a WAG54G and it seems like everytime there is a problem there is something new wrong

    Try calling tech support and have them guide you through the full setup process, it cost me £5 for a 45min call to them but it was worth it (10mins on hold, 10mins explaining and discussing the problem). Just call and ask them if they can guide you through the whole thing from the start and it should only take 20mins.

    And it'll likely be an american chap on the other end

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    connect the lan cable, make sure it shows as connected.
    then click start, run, enter cmd and press enter.
    In the black dos type screen, type IPCONFIG /all and press enter.

    post results up here.

    My guess would be the LAN card isn't set for DHCP.

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