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Thread: How Safe Am I from Nasty Hackers!!

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    How Safe Am I from Nasty Hackers!!

    I have a home Workgroup network setup with serveral wired and wireless computers, all able to access the central broadband connection.

    All shared folders on any computer is "fully" accessible from other computers on the network.

    All internet connections are via my D-Link DSL-G604T Adsl/Router. The Router has a hardware Firewal which is active, and set with the default settings.

    All PC's have AntiVirus software but do not have software firewalls.

    Am I safe enough from the outside world??


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    As long as you are using NAT (Network address Translation - basically your PCs ahve a private IP and share the public one) then you are as safe as it gets without a firewall - you could always enable the windows one - better than nothing.

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