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Thread: Browsing websites though a website.

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    Browsing websites though a website.

    If you are on a network which allows you to surf the internet but blocks
    certain sites how can you get around it?

    Is it possible to setup your own website and through that website route show other websites. (assuming that your website isnt blocked)

    if it is possible what would you need to do? if its not possible why not?

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    its very possible , and not too tricy to do , but you could land yourself in a whole lot of trouble for bypassing any network security measures.

    Im not going to tell you how , but have a google for CGI nph-proxy
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    Thanks for the info. So basically you just make your own proxy server then?
    I dont actually have the need to do it. Just when i was working in japan they would
    block anything i actually wanted to look at even teaching english related. So after
    that http tunneling thing i wondered if it would have been possible.

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