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Thread: home network help needed...

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    home network help needed...

    Hi everyone,

    I'm having problems with the home network that I have set up, well at home.
    I go through the whole "setup home network" helper in windows XP, create the setup files for the other computers, and then go through the whole thing again on the other 3 computers in the house. However once all set up and it’s gone through the restarts and that I can’t access some computer files over the network although I can see them.

    The error message that I get says I don’t have permission to access the computer and that the path was not found. I really don’t know why this is because I can access some without any problems with doing things the exact same way.

    Anyone got any ideas then?

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    Well, for a start, I would ditch the home network thing. Its beyond useless imho.

    First, start off by making sure all of the connections (cat 5/6 or wireless) are working properly (ie if your router is your DHCP - you can get access to its setup page).

    Then go to My Computer & right click & go to Properties. This should allow you to check they are all in the same workgroup, and that the names you have assigned them are correct.

    The other thing is allow 192.168.x.x (or .*.*) into your firewalls safe list - which will allow other computers in your local network access to the computer without restriction.

    Then, when you share the folders, the simplest way is to use simple file sharing (if you don't know what this is, then its liable that it is enabled (as it is by default). Type in the name of the share and away you go .

    If you are still having problems post back - there are more advanced aspects (such as NTFS permissions & the like) but they only really come into effect if you are not using Simple File Sharing.


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