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Thread: Skype handset phone that doesn't require USB/PC

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    Question Skype handset phone that doesn't require USB/PC

    I was reading through October's issue of the IET magazine and in their gadget section, they talked about the Philips VoIP 321 Skype / DECT phone. They said one of the major benefits of it was that it didn't need to be connected to a PC and that (I believe) the base station had an Ethernet connection to go to your router, or had WiFi built in

    But it turns out it has neither of those. It's a DECT phone which is great to link to your PSTN line, but the Skype facility requires having software running on your PC and links via USB

    I guess the fact that Skype have a proprietary program means no one can develop PC-free solutions, and I know they're working on a WiFi handset which looks uncaninlly like a SE 930i phone, but it's not out yet and will likely cost a fortune.

    So, has anyone come across a normal handset which is wireless (either WiFi or DECT / relies on a base station) that will work with Skype without requiring a PC which connects to your Skype account? I was hoping we were there by now, but it sounds like either Marketing or the editor of IET was too enthusiastic

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    Re: Skype handset phone that doesn't require USB/PC

    Skype does not work on any normal Mobile handset. A smart phone is required to run apps like Skype, WhatsApp etc. Also, smart-phones can also be used to join web meetings through applications like RHUB, WebEx, GoMeetNow, GoToMeeting etc.

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