Hi Guys! Can you ps help me with this as i am a Noob with NIS !
In my FW's (Nis 2006) log viewer i am getting script error pop ups all the time (eg Below)...I think this is to do with the new ie7 update and maybe me blocking something I have tried disabling script debugging etc but No joy! Also i noticed that i have allowed Aol (Waol) for inbound access, would this be right/OK? And if that has happened is there a way i can find out what i have wrongly blocked and is it possible i can i repermit them? Also in the Networking section should i put my IP address (198.192.**.**) into the Trusted zone Note; I have a Aol BB 7mb line & a router/modem (DG834) which i connects through a Nat and i am on a single PC with no other networks in the house or anywhere
Thanks very much in advance

an error has occured in the script on this page;
Line: 32
char: 1
Error: object expected
Code: 0
Script error url: res://nisplres.dll//firewall-tabs.htm

To fix it would i need to look for the 'nisplres dll' and allow it?