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Thread: Asus A8N-SLI DELUEX Help please TOTAL NOOB

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    Asus A8N-SLI DELUEX Help please TOTAL NOOB

    Hi all
    i have a lian li pc60 plus case with the new cooling ducts
    heres my problem

    i also have a aska evo33 hsf cooler also thre stock cooler from amd for a x2 4400 cpu

    so do i install the stock fan and duct on the case or should i install the aska hsf and no duct as its a little big for it

    if i install the evo33 should i turn the fan round on the case as it blows instead of sucking

    i dont know which to go with

    im really after good cpu temps and not alot of noise im also running a xfx 7800gt graphics card

    also should i put artic silver 5 on which ever you suggest i have as5 and the tim cleaner
    which is the best bios for this board..

    also i have 2x 1024 crosair memory (CMX1204-3200C2PT V2.1 CL2)

    WHICH DIMM banks do i need to install them on for dual channel on the asus a8n-sli deluxe board any bios settings i need to know
    dimms are

    1a 2a 1b 2b
    i think its a1 and a2

    thanks for any help

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    I'd go for the Akasa though it's a little noisy for my liking: you don't really need the duct unless you're getting excessive heat build-up. Best thing is to try each one for a few days, see which one is cooler and quieter. You may end up happy with the stock cooler so give both a shot, see which does the job for you.

    Best BIOS is always the latest version

    Use AS5 but be damn careful not to let it get on any of the CPU pins or any electrical or metal components. You won't need TIM cleaner unless you're doing some heavy duty cleaning of dried up paste. Best thing is to go to a chemist and ask for 500ml of Isopropanol (it'll cost you around £3) and keep that for any cleaning as it dries without residue.

    To get dual channel, pop the sticks in the blue DIMM slots, not next to each other

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    Nail varnish remover works just fine and AS5 is non conductive anyhow (excpet for heat) Exhaust fans should blow out of the case i.e suck air from the front

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