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Thread: Advice on Upgrading Network

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    Advice on Upgrading Network


    I have a home wired network which I requested be installed when my house was built just over 6 years ago. It consists of 6 network points with Cat5 cabling going to the loft. I currently have a switch in the loft and a router in my study which also acts as a hub with 4 ports. I also have a Wireless Access Point in the loft
    I would like some advice as to whether it is worthwhile upgrading my network to gigabit and any opinions on my suggested purchases. I have just taken delivery of a new MacBook Pro which has a gigabit adapter and I thought it was time to look into upgrading. I have 2 XP PCs (one home & one professional) and a Linux box which I am intending to use as a file server.

    From my research it would appear that Cat5 can support Gigabit speeds even though it may not be as robust as Cat5e.

    I am looking at getting the following equipment:

    Netgear GS108 Switch

    Edimax Gigabit 32-bit PCI Adaptor EN-9230TX-32 or Netgear GA311

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Yup should work, Jus check that your PCs don't already have Gigabit Networking adaptors

    The GS108 is a good reasonably priced switch not sure on the adapters, as I haven't used them, but they should be alright.


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    I use the GS105 and GA311 adapters (the 311's are as cheap as chips on ebay) and have had zero problems in 18 months, very reliable kit (on Cat5e), your mileagae may vary on Cat5.

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    Pretty sure that the adapters aren't gigabit in the existing PC's but I'll double check

    Has anyone used the GA311 with Linux? According to it seems to be ok. Any confirmation would be great.

    I have just thought that I will probably have to upgrade to a gigabit router as I connect the router to the RJ45 wall socket and then connect my PC and other kit to the router ports (I have a Netgear DG834G router). I assume that if you have any non-gigabit switch on the route the speed will drop to 100 (please excuse stupid question!)

    Thanks again for your replies.


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