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Thread: Dsl Modem sugestions

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    Dsl Modem sugestions

    Im moving out and leaving my cable conection

    I have ordered dsl at my new place but need advice on a dsl modem.

    I would like to keep using my current router (asus wl-500) and purchase a adsl modem with a ethernet port (and thus connecting to my router) which will do the job.

    I dont mind paying a bit of money for it, but I would like it to be transparent if possible to the router and stable enough to keep multiple conections open (for torrents)

    If this is asking a bit too much, a whole new wireless router (with similar features to the wl-500) would be concidered.



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    personally i like the cheap ebuyer single port routers when used with a linksys or netgear gateway.
    they can support as many conections as will ever be needed, as the linksys controls the dhcp there is basically no limit on the number of computers conntectable to the wireless and the wrt54gs has a 4 port switch built in.
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