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Thread: Windows reports wrong cpu speed

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    Windows reports wrong cpu speed

    Hey guys! I have a dell dimension 8400 with a P4 3.2 ghz hyper threading processor. Randomly today i found that the gta: san andreas game clock was running WAY too fast(game clock moves fast, all cars move too fast, i move to fast, the whole game world is moving too fast). THis problem is caused by windows reporting my processor as a 4.68 ghz processor. Turning hyper threading off and then back on last month made windows report my processor correctly but now that does not work. No matter what i do, windows report my processor as 4.68 ghz with hyper threading on and slightly less with hyperthreading off (4.4 i think). Heres what i see:
    How do i fix this? Thanks!

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    Make sure you have vertical sync or frame cap, i cant remember what its called on in the san andreas settings menu. That will make sure the game is running smooth.

    Its not really to do with windows reporting the wrong cpu speed, just a game setting. Although, its very odd that its reporting the cpu speed so high.

    Download and run a program called cpu-z. Then post a screenshot of the first tab, that should tell us more info to start with

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    That's a nice wee overclock you've got there . That's quite peculiar, increasing the clock speed shouldn't increase the game speed, as that should be fixed by the software, and the clock speed merely allows it to perform more calculations per second.

    Doing a quick glance on google, it's not an unheard of problem, and is cropping up more with the dual cores. It seems setting the affinity works though. Do you have any speed regulator kind of programs? Maybe because theres an increaased workload they're bumping up the speed of the game?

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    no, im positive this is caused by the wrong cpu speed showing up, whenever it is too high this happens and whenever it is properly reported it is fine. Frame limiter has been on the whole time. Today windows is reporting it correcty. Theres just no prediciting this stuff!

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