Just upgraded to an intel C2D, 2GB RAM and an X1950XT in a fairly hefty case and im looking to buy something that I could lug to my mums roughly once every 2 weeks.

Was thinking of this case off of ebuyer:

Been knocking around a few ideas which are:

If I went with socket 754:
CPU - Turion MT (eBay FTW )
Mobo - Biostar Tforce 754 (can't find any of these)

Socket 939:
CPU - Opteron 165/170
Mobo - Biostar Tforce 939

Socket AM2:
CPU - AMD 4200 (do these come with the heatpipe cooler?)
Mobo - Abit NF-M2 nView

Socket 775 ? (not sure - may cost to much)
CPU - E4300
Mobo - ?? any ideas ?

Im gonna re-use my X800XT, 120GB HDD, DVD-ROM, and I can get 1GB of RAM for essentially free (either DDR or DDR2)

So which one do you think I should go for ?