Ok, ive got the old 5.1 creative megaworks set

ill go from the start,

my back left speaker lost volume.. its like at 25% volume as opposed to the rest of the speakers.

so i do some tests with the THQ thing etc.. and its still quiet.. so i thought hmmm... i swap the front and back left speaker over to check... i still have the same problem.

i then swap the green connector and the black connector over (orange = center/sub, black = rear, green = front. You connect the three cables at the soundcard and Sub)... I do this and still the back left speaker has like 25% the volume of the other channels...

Now if the sub was busted i would expect both back speakers would not work... so my only other guess is the channel is buggered? Im going to uninstall the soundcard + software and see if that makes a difference... but does anyone have any ideas?