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Thread: Keyboard problem

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    Keyboard problem

    Hi, I think I just posted this in wrong section - hope this is right and there's someone out there who can help.

    I spilt some tea on my keyboard earlier today (the handle came off the cup!) but everything was working fine immediately afterwards. I then had a break from work and came back to it later to find that half of the keys aren't working. The middle row I'm getting nothing - the delete/backspace buttons aren't working, cap lock... although maybe 2/3 of the buttons are working fine. I tried a spare keyboard and it was exactly the same. I've tried system restore, I've tried uninstalling the driver... but nothing seems to work. What have I done? Is it the tea? If it is, why is the other keyboard exactly the same? Is there some way of restoring the settings? PLEASE somebody reply - I have a deadline to meet! (I've typed this on the kids' computer BTW, in case anyone's wondering!

    Thanks. (NB: simple language only - not very computer literate.)

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    There's no reason I can think why a different keyboard wouldn't work, as the tea only splashed on the keyboard and not the rest of the PC, right?

    I take it you're using a different cable with the replacement keyboard? Because the cable could be damaged.

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    you have maybe damaged the connector on the back of the computer somehow. Try a USB keyboard if ur on the old style slot (purple i think) or visa versa

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    Short-circuit fried/damaged something on the motherboard?

    If it was just the keyboard, obviously you'd just assume the tea drying had (at least temporarily) killed it, but given that another keyboard has the same issues suggests the inevitable short-circuit has damaged the motherboard.

    Biscuit's above advice seems the best bet, and should work fine (or obviously try a PS/2 keyboard if the tested keyboards were both USB).

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