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Thread: Sound card interferes with standby

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    Sound card interferes with standby

    Hi all,

    Ive recently upgraded to a Core Duo machine, and I'm having a problem with standby (I had this on my old machine and there are only three parts that are the same Snd card, DigiTv card and my Radeon 1950XTX).

    I've narrowed it down to the sound card alone, removing the video card and placing a GeForce 9800GT. The problem still persists.

    Anyway, the problem is basically I place the system into standby using the usual method(s) of pressing sleep button on my keyboard or through the shutdown dialogue box. It will go into standby fine, but the power light only blinks a few times then automatically comes back out of standby, but doesn't automatically power the display back up-I have to press the power button for that (thats progress, before I didn't know that pressing the power button would reinitialise the display).

    Standby does work though, remove the sound card and the box will go into standby indefinitely, until I press the power button or any of the other usual ways to bring a box out of standby.

    I've removed every single component that I can try, and it makes no difference, except the sound card that is. Ive submitted a ticket to AuzenTech but have yet to get a response back.

    Ive checked within device manager to see if its got the usual options of "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" and "allow this device to wake up the computer" and both are not available for this device.

    In the BIOS I've set the Standby type to STR-3. Disabled all Wake up options (included in that lot is PCI/PCIE devices, External modems, USB Resume, PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse). Ive yet to try STR-1, but tbh I dont want to use anything other than STR-3 as I like silence when Im asleep.

    I've tried all options in audio to see if its software and not hardware but I'm stuck at this point. If you've any idea's of what to try they would be very much appreciated.

    Anyways, system specs:

    Theres more bits, but most are peripherals and watercooling. I've considered removing the card, and using the onboard DTS Connect, but the drivers are complete and utter tosh. I installed the machine without the card in, and found the drivers for the onboard were worse than creatives best efforts.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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