Hi all,

Thought I'd post here just in case someone has found a fix for the following fault - other than a new mobo :-(

System specs are below.

Fault is that the mobo intermittently won't POST.
Sometimes nothing happens at all, other times BIOS beep code for no / faulty graphics adapter.

But Windows actually boots and runs, I can remote into the box.

The mobo has the DPS module installed and has been utterly reliable since purchase in July 2005.
The frequency of the fault has increased over the last 3 months or so from once a week to virtually every time the system is started.

So far I've:
Swapped the Gigabyte PCIe adapter for a different PCIe card
Swapped the PSU
Checked all cables and connections
None of which makes any difference.

The system is not overclocked in any way, and will always start up eventually.. it's just annoying that it can take many attempts to get it going.

Occasionally the system will hang within 2 minutes of being started, sometimes while still booting Windows.
This is definitely garphics related as it's only the GUI that hangs.. I can always remote into it.

If the system POST's with the 1 long 2 short beep code ( Award BIOS duff graphics ) then using the reset button will fix the fault and the box will start and run no problem.

It's not a thermal problem either.
Once started the box will run for days on end.
CPU temp is 32 - 40 C depending on load
GPU temp is 51 - 61 depending on load.
Internal case temp around 30 C unless the system is being thrashed.

I've checked the mobo physically and can't see any damaged components like bulging caps etc.

Any ideas?
Anyone tried getting Gigabyte to RMA a 2 year old mobo?