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Thread: Which RAM?

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    Which RAM?

    hi everyone - i'm in the middle of picking the parts for my new machine - i've got everything sorted about from the RAM:

    CPU: E6600
    mobo: Asus P5B Deluxe




    Whats the difference? I really want to get 4gb but unsure about the performance compared to the more expensive 2 x (1gb)'s

    Any advice would be greatful

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    The first two sets youve listed are laughably expensive for what they are, seriously, forget those.

    Does it have to be corsair? You pay a premium for the name, thats all.

    Have a look in the bargain section, there were a few 4gb kits for about £50+ less than those.
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    Buy the GeIL Ultra 2x1GB DDR2-800 4-4-4-12 stuff from Overclockers. I'm very happy with mine that I paid about £130 for when other sites were selling them for £180. They came out almost a year ago and caused quite a fuss because it was such a good price for 2GB.

    THING IS, NOW they are on sale for £50-60. Blimey. So get two sets! There are reviews around and yes, it's from Overclockers. I've ordered from them a couple of times and they haven't given me any problems and delivered bang on time (more than I can say for all my dealings with another very highly supported retailer on these forums beginning with S).

    I think mine also have a lifetime guarantee/warranty, for what that's worth. Oh - had to set the timings manually in the BIOS.


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