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Thread: Will these components work together?

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    Will these components work together?

    I have some general questions about using these three components together:

    INTEL E6700
    GSKILL F2-8500

    I am going to overclock the CPU but I don't know where the FSB is going to end up. I see a lot of systems ending up around 3.6Ghz. I am assuming this is 400x9 for the 6600s and 366x10 for the 6700s?

    I was reading about the GSKILL sticks but I am not sure which speed is best. The 1066Mhz sticks should work fine with the C2D but will the performance be better, and how much better?

    I've also read different opinions on which chip will reach higher speeds on air. From what I understand, the 6700s are rated faster so their max stable overclock is higher than that of a 6600. Is this true? Also, are the 6700s likely to last longer at a given speed?

    I could use any other advice before I start buying parts. I will be using an Antec900 and the Zalman9700 so there will be some good air cooling, but only air. I'm also probably going to get the eVGA GTS 640 from newegg ($350!).

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    Yes, shouldnt be any problems there, but, if you can get hold of Crucial ballistix for a similar price, get those instead.

    You should be able to run the ram at 1066 on a divider with the cpu at stock.

    All cpus are different, its impossible to say which one overclocks better, until you have it in your machine.
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