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Thread: e6420 now, or wait for e6550?

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    e6420 now, or wait for e6550?

    We all know about the 22 july price cuts, but ocuk have just put some real prices on them (pre-order).

    The e6550 is £117.49 inc VAT. (7*333 fsb, 2.33 GHz stock) G0 stepping
    Currently the e6420 is £113.96 @ scan. (8*266, 2.13 stock)
    Both have 4MB L2 cache.

    As far as i can tell, they are very similar, except the multiplier is lower on the 6550.

    I plan to get DDR2-5400 (675MHz), so running 1:1 will give me 2.7GHz from the e6420, but only 2.3GHz from a 6550.

    What would you guys do? get 5400 ram now + e6420.
    Or wait till july 22/23, and get an e6550 + faster ram?

    e6420 seems a better buy to me, as if i wait till July, prices could still go up

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    from the (p)review I read the e6550 is actually almost up to spec with the e6600 ... but as you say it would need quicker ram (though pc6400 can be had for good prices recently too!) if what you want to do is OC it as far as it'll go? Realistically the gpu still looks like the most important h/w piece for 3d gaming. If you get the e6x50 you'll want a newer motherboard too of course, though it will/should be Penryn compatible for a future upgrade etc etc.

    Personally I already bought some pc6400 ram as I figure the prices will go up again before I get the cpu wish these price cuts would hurry up!!

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