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Thread: new socket from Intel....

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    new socket from Intel....

    Hello everyone,

    I spent the last 2 months browsing the net for components to build my First rig......i wanted to build a system which will last ( performance wise) at least 18 to 24 months without any big major upgrade.
    It should have been : abit IC7 max 3, P4@3.06GHZ (800 mhz), 1GG (1 GG corsair) XMS pro DDR@400mhz ...

    But i had to find that link:

    New socket from Intel!!!! current system is a P4 socket 423 with of course the rambus. I do not want to be in the same position than 3 years ago. I want to be able to boost my future system by swaping the cpu.

    What do u think, should i wait 6 months for this LG 775?

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    I had the same problem as I am about to build a new system.

    My thoughts are that if I go for a mobo that will support P4 prescotts 478 socket but not the 775 that SHOULD give me enough future proofing.

    I am going to run a P4 2.8 800FSB on an ASUS P4C800 and OC it to about 3.2
    Now in the future I will be able to put a possible Prescott 3.6 in this machine and then OC that to at least 4Ghz.

    That will keep my machine rocking for at least a few years. My currect P3 866 is just about dead now, It can run games that are current but is on the real limit so after two years it's time to change the whole lot.

    You could wait for the 775 mobo's but then there will always be something else coming up and you have to buy sometime or just stick with what you got.

    Good luck with what ever your gonna go for !

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    Grantsdale will be in the summer along with 775 which is Q2.

    Definately wait for it, maybe even DDR2 which will be supported in the i925x chipsets, also you've got PCI-E and ICH6/R coming so its definately worth the wait. If you cant stomach it for that long, just buy a cheap nforce2 + barton and a couple of cheap sticks of 256meg PC2700 and flog them later.
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    It doesn't look like it's the best time to get a new system just now especially if you're into overclocking.

    As I understand it, the Prescots that will work on 478 are out in a few months but also the T socket Prescots are due not too long after. They will require a new motherboard, case and power supply as the form factor will change (BTX). Also you may need a new GPU for the PCI express and expensive DDRII ram! I reckon there will be motherboards with AGP and DDR for a good while yet though.

    Prescots on the 478 don't look like they will be good overclockers since 3.6 seems to be the highest that they'll produce plus problems they've had with power consumption. A 2.6c M0 or 2.8c chip should get to 3.4+ that will stand you in good stead for 18 months +, by then you'll have to get a new motherboard etc.

    Next year should be a better time to buy with Tejas and Hammers, but you probably can't wait till then. Last year was probably the best time to get a system with Dual DDR and HT chips, they're still good now but won't have as good a shelf life.

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