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Thread: Due to a series of recent upgrades, I now have.

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    Due to a series of recent upgrades, I now have.

    Subject line should read: Price Check: Athlon 64 System.

    Due to a series of recent upgrades, I now have.

    AMD Athlon 64 3200 S754 CPU (2GHz, 1Mb Cache version)

    Zalman CNPS7500-ALCU cooler for the above CPU.

    A S754 mATX mobo with integrated graphics (n4orce 4 chipset)

    2x 512Mb DDR 3200 Ram.

    8x DVD ReWriter (NEC ND-2510A)

    GeForce 6200 Graphics card with passive cooling and TV out.

    Antec Aria SFF case that used to contain all of the above (Similar to the NSK1300 but with a built in card reader & front firewire port but without the top vent).

    Do you think I would be better off splitting everything and selling it all
    separately, or would I be better off finding an old hard drive and
    re-assembling it as a complete system (with Linux installed as I don't have a
    windows license).

    Looking at what I have, it might make the basis for a nice media center PC for
    someone, but if there is no demand, then I might loose out by trying to sell
    it as a complete computer.
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    Re: Due to a series of recent upgrades, I now have.

    I don't think you will find anyone who wants that as a whole unless it is very very cheap.

    A split seems like the best option.

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    Re: Due to a series of recent upgrades, I now have.

    I sold a similar system (eerily including an Aria, NEC ND-2510A, Zalman Flower, and 6200) on ebay about six months ago with Ubuntu installed. It went for £125 (ish) which was a little disappointing but about what I expected.
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