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Thread: Microphones Not Working??

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    Microphones Not Working??

    This is going to seem like Deja-Vu to some people but my Creative Logitech HS900 Microphone just went dead, it doesn't respond, last time I had accidently turned the mic to the off position but not this time, its definitely on and nobody can hear me in Teamspeak and Windows Voice Recorder etc?? Am I doing something stupid?? Mic's just don't 'go' do they?

    Update: Neither of my Microphones work which suggest its my Mic Port, thought when on Teamspeak I set it wave rather than direct sound I hear a slight hum though nothing else!!??

    Update 2: Both of my mics make a crackling sound when plugged in, not in a bad way, like a working crackle lol, but neither work....

    Update 3: Both Mics work on Laptop so theres something wrong with my Main Computer???

    Update 4: Tryed the Mic Port on the front that doesn't work either??? Might it be the Codec?? Also, both Microphones work on my laptop but only if you plug them in before the headphones otherwise they don't work?? This is getting really confusing??

    Update 5: If I plug in some Speakers, you can hear yourself over them this is really strange!! Do I need to reformat, my whole computer seems to be playing up!

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    Re: Microphones Not Working??

    Assuming your on xp have you tried running the voice wizard again?? I use ts and sometimes my mic goes dead and just running that again usually cures all my ills.

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