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Thread: Barton 2500 or 2600

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    Barton 2500 or 2600

    Yeah the title kind of speaks for itself and don't consider the price since it's like 10$ in price difference.


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    Hello Jack. More questions eh? well it's good to see a thirst for knoledge..

    2500+ = barton core (512kb cache) @ 1833mhz

    2600+ = thoroughbred b core (256kb) @ 2083 mhz

    The disparity in mhz shows the beneficial effect of the extra cache. Now, since both these cpu's will o/c to about the same mhz [about 2.2 / 2.3 ghz], we can see that the 2500+ will be faster at that no. of mhz due to the extra cache ( and some other optimisations in the core.)

    Get the 2500+ jack.


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    Quote Originally Posted by funnelhead
    2500+ = barton core (512kb cache) @ 1833mhz

    2600+ = thoroughbred b core (256kb) @ 2083 mhz

    You also get Barton 2600+s @1.9 GHz
    Assuming that we are talking about 2 Bartons & that they are both locked then get the XP2500+ as funnelhead says.
    It has a lower multiplier which should let you run a slightly higher fsb if you are overclocking.

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    it depends what you are cooling it with too... if I was buying either a 2500+ or 2600+ now, I'd more than likely get the 2600+. Benchmark wise, I can bench at 230fsb @ cas2.0-2-2-11 or cas2.0-2-2-5 with my Mushkin, I use water cooling so my max overclock and voltage wouldn't be limited by my cooling so much, on good air cooling I wouldn't recommend going above 1.95v unless you're mad.
    I can take my vCore up to around 2.1v for reasonably safe benchmarking, 2.05v for 24/7 use is my tops.

    11.5x230 = ~2650Mhz
    11.0x230 = ~2530Mhz

    those numbers aren't necessarily attainable, but it's an idea of what my MAX overclock is likely to be taking into account the limitation of my memory, if it is indeed a limitation that I can run 230fsb @ cas2.0-2-2-11

    Hope this helps a bit.
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