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Thread: Which Digital TV Card

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    Which Digital TV Card

    Having just got an aerial that can pick up digital I'd like to get something I can use with my PC.

    I've seen the £23 pinnacle card bigpockets have but I'm put off by Warranty: None

    PC World have some but, its PC World....

    So what best for my £30-£40?
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    Re: Which Digital TV Card

    You could get a Nebula Electronics DigiTV card (USB or PCI) from Ebay - I have a PCI Digitv which is great, but unfortunately Nebula went out of business (or changed names, or something.... I can't remember). On Ebay they seem to go for just under 40 quid.

    Great card (I actually also have a spare), but shame about Nebula themselves getting into difficulties.

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