Well ive been trying to get scan to find out for me but i think ive got the wrong drive, my thread in scan section http://forums.hexus.net/scan-care-he...-question.html

Summary, my invoice says 1 model( s203P) but the LN number that was also in the invoice links to the s203d the difference price+ is one is light scribe and 1 has nero with it, i didnt get nero with mine as i think it was oem but it has lightscribe, it also is different in design to both the models i mentioned, instead of a circle for a button its a think rectangle and doesnt say samsung on it except for in the smallish print ontop saying toshiba and samsung technology. Doing a search with any number i could find on the drive(doesnt clearly say a s/n or anything) it appears my drive is a SH-S203N or from the model number on the back its TS-H653N which seem to be the same type. Now whats the real difference from these 3 models? mines really loud when reading and even when i open the c drive(no idea why it spins up then) but granted its going to be loud with that speed but still .

Really sorry for the summary being long xD. Any idea what i should do? chris said he would look into it and yet to get back to me .