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Thread: Dell Queries!

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    Dell Queries!

    Hiya folks, not sure if this is in the right segment, apologies Mods if it isn't, please fix, thank you.

    Down to the point, now I've seen the Dell XPS-420 case at a friends the other day, kinda liked it, so I started thinking is it possible to purchase something exactly like it, from the OEM provider of the case perhaps, presuming it's not Dell who manufacture those or even one direct from Dell?

    Any thoughts/knowledge on this would be appreciated.

    On a side note, another friend of mine has a Dell which has packed up after about 4 years, they would like to keep the case, apparently, it seems the board has died. I'm presuming, without looking at the machine the motherboard was BTX or something, from what I read a while back, so would they have to replace the PSU too? Would this case allow for a ATX motherboard and PSU to fit easily inside it? Please do have a laugh at my expense if anything I've said is incorrect.

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    Re: Dell Queries!

    There are nicer cases than the XPS one around have a gander at yoyotech they have a good selection, with photographs.

    Dell are notorious for using their own connector types so that you have to purchase certain upgrades from them (correct me if this is not the case these days) I don't know is PSU's fall into this catergory.

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