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Thread: All asus p4c800 owners help me

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    All asus p4c800 owners help me

    how do i set my ratio to 1-1 ?

    ive looked in the advanced settings in the bios but i dont have the cpu ratio option. like the one in the manual.

    but the manual says

    ''This item appears only if u are using an unlocked CPU. You may select your desired ratio from the available options''

    i have a p4 2.8 sl6z5 chip with pc4400 memory

    the only thing i can set is in the aioverclock tuner where the settings are 266,333,400,and auto

    ive set it to auto but on my post screen it says DDR 266

    ne1 help me please have i got to disable something to be able to set the divider?

    please help as im gutted

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    When the manual talks about CPU ratio - it actually means the multiplier. Is it ofcourse locked on Intel CPU's unless you have an ES (luckly, luckly)
    You want to look up the DRAM ratio in the advanced chipset settings

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