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Thread: Extigy USB problem

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    Question Extigy USB problem

    I have a Toshiba sat 3000-100 laptop and cannot get a Creative Extigy USB sound system to work on it, infact not only does it not work but it freezes and completely wrecks my system. The problem is (I think) is that I cannot disable my onboard sound, I have searched the bios but cannot find anything to do with sound (Phoenix bios)
    I tried to disable in device manager but it just causes more problems, all the software is installed, even the remote pops up on startup but nothing, infact the last time i inserted the usb for this it shut my computer down, then on start up it froze on the setup page (press F3) and I had to switch off. I then got scandisk, after that got a message saying windows has recovered from a serious BLA BLA BLA...........................I wrote to Creative and they wrote this back to me:

    This is actually a common problem that we get with soundcards.

    You just need to disable your onboard soundcard and it should fix the

    If you are not familar with your PC bios you should check with the
    motherboard manual or call the PC supplier for advise.

    This is normally the procedure.

    If you start the PC and hold the delete key ,this should press you into
    the cmos or bios menu.In here look for a reference to intergrated
    prepherials and look for sound or audio and set to disabled.

    Then save changes and reboot F10 on the screen.

    Please retain all the previous correspondence when replying to this

    Can anyone help me please?

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    are there multiple pages? when you see the screen it might say something like Alt+P for next page. Make sure you have looked through all of it.

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