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    Video Encoding

    Hey guys, I seem to be experiencing troubles when trying to encode any video in Tmpeg Enc or Dr Divx, it seems that around 70% through encoding small videos or 4% through bigger ones(90 minutes ish) the whole computer seems to freeze, not even ctrl alt del works. I am running xp home, with Panda Antvirus and Zonealarm as the only startup items. In an attempt to fxi the problem i disabled both of these as well as every other service i could besides explorer and crucial services. And once again boom it froze just like magic! So, as a final attempt I switched to Tmpeg Enc Plus 2.5, im still under eval atm but even that crashed albeit it did get a bit further!
    This is driving me mad considering this pc used to cope with video encoding quite well... im not sure if the problem is hardware or software related, windows doesnt seem to detect any conflicts so maybe the file im encoding with is buggy... nope, it does same with every other file too I also tried tinkering with some options inside tmpeg, as well as adjusting some memory settings all to no avail, but they did speed up the encoding progress, only for it to crash sooner!
    Perhaps the version of Tmpeg im using is faulty, but i have tried the latest free version from the site, as well as the 2.5 Plus version and both of them freeze. THis sort of thing also occurs on Virtual Dub and Dr Divx from time to time, all these tasks are video encoding related, so im really not sure whats causing hassle as this pc used to be fine with it... if it helps my setup is as follows:
    >Athlon 2200+
    >1 GB (2x 512 sticks PC 3200 DDR) RAM
    >120GB Seagate HD 7200rpm
    >256mb Geforce FX 5600 Ultra
    > 5.1 Aureon 16 bit 44khz Surround sound card and matching 5.1 Ozaki Speakers.

    Ive covered just about everything, I also have all the latest device drivers and graphics drivers.... also i have Hyperion VIA latest drivers too.. WHAT ON EARTH IS CAUSING THE LOCKUPS??? ARRGH ITS DRIVING ME MAD!! if anyone has any solutions or ideas even contact me or reply ASAP!

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    check for memory leaks, and temperatures.

    Same place in the same file? Or same place in different files? Tried removing all your codecs (specially the unnecessary ones) and cleaning out your registry? Check northbridge isnt overheating (or is excessively hot say) with all the memory access?! (random guess).

    Latest bios..?!
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    Hmm, I've had the same problem. U may be in luck. Now Im gonna believe my own eyes, I dont care what other video analysists say.
    I think your problem lies with the origional file video codec ie .avi .xvid. DivX files tend to use .avi but the picture is not as clear as .xvid. However, almost all dvd rips will say something like

    Bad Boys 2.avi

    But the full origional name when it was released will prolly say something like:

    Bad.Boys.2.Xvid.Repack(DivX).avi (will probably have AC3 if its Xvid - but not always)

    ALways check for Xvid in file names. A good way to check is to go into Veedub with ur selected file and hit file information under the File menu.

    Now, with tmpgnce, for some reason, when it came to encoding XVID files, it just did not like it. I dunno why. It just didnt. It would cause my whole comp to freeze, sometimes just 2 mins into it, or sometimes 50 mins into it. This only happened with xvid files.

    Now it could be something to do with the AC3 codec. You know u have to externally extract AC3 from xvid files? (Ac3 = dolby 5.1/5 channels) u cant just rip the audio in veedub like normal 2 channel films(DivX)Im asuming u have the AC3 codecs installed on ur comp 1st?
    I'd put my money on the fact I was converting without extracting AC3 1st, that was probably my problem. But it was a while ago now and I cant remember.

    Anyways, U might need to get the AC3 audio extracter, I have oin my comp somewhere if u need it.

    But I dont know whether this will solve ur problem. As far as I know, it all worked for me afterwards. u may have to wipe ur hard disk clean!!!! and start again!

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    smells of nothing more complex than overheating than me. you don't need to tit about with extracting audio etc, that's the POINT of AVI - you have an interleaved Audio & Video track, they don't get in each others' way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by directhex
    smells of nothing more complex than overheating than me. you don't need to tit about with extracting audio etc, that's the POINT of AVI - you have an interleaved Audio & Video track, they don't get in each others' way.
    U cant encode a file with AC3 with tmpgenc straight into mpeg, u need to externally extract it. Trust me Ive done it a million times. And mine all work.
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