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Thread: Dell Dimension 1100 Memory query...

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    Dell Dimension 1100 Memory query...

    Y'alright guys.
    Recently decided to help my brothers out n get them some extra memory for their comp, a Dell Dimension 1100
    Now the thing is... i read somewhere that Dell somehow need their own branded specific memory or something :S
    Suggesting i cant go out and buy which should fit as its PC3200, 400mhz n DDR
    is that just a rumour then? Or do i have to buy directly from Dell, cus it'll be a bit more expensive if i do that, espesh seeing as im getting them 2GB, bit of an increase from their current 256MB lol

    Tah in advance guys

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    Re: Dell Dimension 1100 Memory query...

    I have never seen a DELL with non standard memory - apart from one exception and thats when its been integrated on the motherboard (yes, RAM built into the mobo!). Even then, that was years ago and very very rare.

    I've dealt with a lot of DELL systems and every single one has used standard memory - fairly often Crucial / Micron branded.

    You can download CPU-Z and see what memory it has in it without opening it up
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    Re: Dell Dimension 1100 Memory query...

    Dell doesn't brand memory, instead they have their own part numbers for some brands of memory. For example a stick of Crucial branded memory may carry a Dell P/N that guarantees compatibility with the systems which fall under that dell P/N.

    It doesn't mean you need a stick of memory with a particular Dell P/N for it to work in a Dell system, you could use anything equivalent or better.

    Some websites and retailers may lead you to these Dell P/N'ed sticks which usually cost considerably more than equivalents and insist you buy them, I reckon this is where the rumor that Dells need Dell memory arose.

    EDIT: According to the Dell Dimension 1100 manual

    Quote Originally Posted by Dell
    333- and 400-MHz DDR SDRAM

    NOTE: DDR333 and DDR400 memory runs at 266MHz when configured with Celeron 400MHz FSB processors

    NOTE: DDR333 memory runs at 320MHz when configured with Pentium 4 800MHz FSB processors

    Memory connectors

    Memory capacities
    128-, 256-, 512-, or 1-GB non-ECC

    Minimum memory
    128 MB

    NOTE: Between 1 and 64 MB of system memory may be allocated to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors.

    Maximum memory
    2 GB
    You can use any standard PC-3200 (400MHz) sticks between 128MB and 1GB, that Corsair Value RAM you linked to on Scan will work perfectly.
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    Re: Dell Dimension 1100 Memory query...

    Sweet, thanks guys

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