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Thread: server hardware choices

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    server hardware choices

    hi, wonder if anyone can help.

    i've started to set up a server running xubuntu to do filesharing and media streaming using slimserver i think it is and twonky to stream to a squeezebox and xbox360. i'm also going to do backups to it. there's also the option to use it as my router though i'm not sure i'll do that.

    anyway what i currently have is a via epia something or other which runs at 700mhz i think with 512mb ram. linux is seriously slow on it! but i'm not sure about filetransfer speeds and stuff. it might be ok. but it think i should be getting something better.

    so, i was thinking of the d945gclf board from intel with integrated atom processor as i want something really low power. however i heard the performance sucked and the chipset is so inefficient as to render it a bit pointless. i do have a spare s939 athlon 64 3000 so i guess i could find a board for that for cheap and underclock it a bit to keep it cool and quiet. obviously looking to spend as little cash as possible so if anyone has any other ideas or advice i'd much appreciate it


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    Re: server hardware choices

    The Atom processors are fine for most every day tasks, certainly more powerful than any of Via's chips apart from maybe Nano (the chip not the size of board) which may not even be officially released yet.

    The chipset is power hungry compared to the processor but is not that bad a load you will still be under 40W.

    If you want further confirmation of the abilities of the processor then look at any reviews for the recent netbooks all are running the atom processor with the 945 chipset.

    Edit: Just checked the Via Nano processors are available cost on a board is currently ~£160 just a touch more than the Intel Atom at ~£55
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