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Thread: My Asus P4C800E Deluxe VDIMM mod guide

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    My Asus P4C800E Deluxe VDIMM mod guide

    I am writing this mini guide which i am sure will find very very easy to do.

    I hold no responsibility if you damage any of your pcs components.use at your own risk.

    Lets start with the tools first

    A piece of fan wire
    An SMD grabber
    A 50K Variable Resistor
    A soldering iron
    Some solder 40/60 prefferably
    A multimeter

    you can buy the components from RS or other electronics shop

    We have to solder in one end of the wire the SMD grabber.Its very easy using a soldering iron.The smd grabber acts like a hook or pliers that gets connected into little feet of chips without the need to solder the wire straight on the chips feet.So there is no risk now of messing up when u would need to solder the wire straight on the chips feet.

    On the other side of the cable we need to solder the 50K Variable Resistor.The variable resistor has to be set into its maximum resistance at first.It comes with 3 little feet underneith.Use the middle one and any of the other two.I bent the one i didnt use just to keep it out of my way but you can cut it as well.Once you have set the VR to its maximum 50K by turning the VRs screw and measuring it using the multimeter you can then solder one of the two legs of the VR with the wire.Make sure you cut the fan wire so that it has a suitable length in order to be attached from the bottom of the Vdimm slots to any fan header of your board you would like.(see pics below)

    Then solder the Vrs middle leg(in my specific mod) with the grounding pin of a spare fan header u have.

    So your Vdimm removable gismo should look like that:

    on the left you can see the SMD grabber and on the right the 50K VR with its middle pin connected to the grounding pin of a fan header(make sure you know which of the 3 pins it is.As shown in the pic its the top one or the left one of the 3 depending in which way you are looking at it...)

    The advantages of this setup i used is that u can remove it anytime you can setup the VRs resistance whenever you want,adjusting your Vdimm, without messing up your mobo.

    Before connecting make sure your Vdimm isnt set @ 2.85V in the bios but lower..say 2.6V provided that your pc can post @ that voltage.

    Now where do you connect this...:

    AS it can be seen in the pic which is on the right of the agp slot and under the Dimm slots, the SMD grabber has to be connected in the 6th leg of the chip shown in the pic(50K VR arrow).

    The fan header can be connected on the header on the right of the cpu socket.This is where i have connected mine.

    Everything is set now.

    Powering up the pc i went into the bios and left the pc running there.

    I connected the multimeter then to the Vdimm Measuring point shown in the pic above.Its the left mosfet again under the dimm slots and u have to measure the Vdimm by the bottom leg of the MOSFET.

    I then started turning the VR slowly.It will take loads of turns to get where you want but DONT start turning the VRs screw many times.ONE at a time will do at first.Once i noticed the Vdimm increasing i stopped adjusting the VR and changed my Vdimm to its max from the bios.Rebooted etc and went back to the bios in order to start adjusting again.

    It takes quite a few turns to find your max.i started getting greedy at a stage and suddently my Vdimm went way too high so i am warning you...FEW turns at the time.

    I left my Vdimm @ 3.15V at first which is the reccomended voltage the chip can take.


    However i adjusted my VR so that i got the Max Vdimm i could from my board-PSU.

    Your Vdimm can go as high as your PSU will allow you.And that is dependant on the +3.3 line.I was able to go as high as 3.34-5 Volts.My Enermax 550W PSU keeps my +3.3V line @ 3.36-8Volts

    I have been running my ram @ 3.35V 24/7 without any probs.

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    So here are a few pics when everything is set up properly...

    Any questions do not hesitate to ask...

    Hope everything is clear to you.

    Happy modding

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