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Thread: Decent QUIET CPU Heatsink??

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    Decent QUIET CPU Heatsink??

    Hello boys and girls!!

    I currently have a Thermaltake V1 CPU Heatsink set to LOW (still runs at just under 1400rpm) - problem being it is still a bit noisy for my liking (kind of whining noise it gives off). Now as I sleep around about 10 feet from my PC it does keep me awake during the night, does anybody have any recommendations for a half decent Heatsink that has GOOD COOLING and is QUIET??

    Here are the important parts of my new build (sound wise):
    Coolermaster Cosmos Case
    Asus 8600 GTS fanless Graphics Card
    1TB + 500GB Samsung Spinpoint HD's
    Corsair 520W PSU
    Q6600 @3.1ghz (58 degrees during prime)
    Pioneer DVR-215 DVD Drive

    So basically the V1 can be heard purring away above every other component and is ruining my goal of a pretty silent PC.

    I have heard good thinks about these:
    Xigmatek HDT-S1283
    ZEROtherm ZEN FZ-120

    any comments or recommendations on an alternative quiet Cooler - I don't really want to spend over £30 ideally and think that the PWM function on these two coolers would be ideal for keeping the noise to a minimum during nightime downloading ...

    thanks for your time.

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    Re: Decent QUIET CPU Heatsink??

    The xigmatec is good, the fan could be better but it's bound to be a vast impovement on what you have it's probably what I would go for on an intel setup.

    I have just bought a scythe ninja II and apart from being a PITA to fit (although mine was AM2 so a big imporvement over S775) it comes with a great fan (scythe slipstream) which doesn't need throttling back

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      • PSU:
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    Re: Decent QUIET CPU Heatsink??

    I have an akasa evo 120 and with the fan controller turned right down it's inaudible.
    This was in a coolermaster stacker with hiper psu and the portable space heater known as a prescott 3ghz.
    In my current setup I have now however taken the fan off and put a bit of card acting as ducting to the rear case fan and my temps are still good.
    This is in a cosmos cooling an e2160 overclocked from 1.8ghz to 3.1ghz.
    But surely any passive cooler will be what you are after.
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