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Thread: Vcore too high ?? CPU gonna die

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    Exclamation Vcore too high ?? CPU gonna die

    Hi all,

    Been posting (and fretting) recently on this forum about my P4 3Ghz temps.
    All actually seems okay but now something else has me a little edgy.

    I have a SL6WU version and while finding a link to intel
    I saw that this version has a Vcore rating of 1.25 - 1.525

    I know that temp rises as voltage goes up and also that life goes DOWN, then why oh why is my ASUS mobo running my CPU at 1.600V ?? Is this okay
    It seems to be stable and I havn't touched a thing. Does the CPU tell the mobo what voltage it needs when it is installed ?

    Help, help, help !!
    Is my mobo killing my CPU ?

    P4 3Ghz @3.15Ghz, ASUS P4C800, 2X512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200, Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB @ 390/370, 40GB Seagte, 2 X Vantec stealth's, Chieftec dragon.
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    Don't Panic!

    P4C's can take up to 1.75V quite happily. If you're running at default Vcore then I think the CPU tells the mobo what it wants. People do up it to over 1.75 but there are stories of P4s frying at this level, but not sure if that's the older P4Bs.

    Is your BIOS saying 1.6V? Check the Asus PC Probe read out or whatever tool you're using to check to voltages, usually it's slighly less than what you selected in the BIOS although that might be because it's being reported lower than actual which i hear the asus software does.

    Increasing the Vcore is usually done to increase stability when overclocking. The side effect is more heat, the overclockers enemy. Note that you can also undervolt the CPU by reducing the Vcore, esp if not overclocking. Obviously if you put in too few volts it'll be unstable too. Silent PC aficionados like to undervolt as it reduces the heat the CPU chucks out so you can then reduce the speed of the CPU fan and hence the noise.

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