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Thread: ATI or NVIDIA for core i7?

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    ATI or NVIDIA for core i7?

    I saw rumours of better performance on an i7 rig with an NVIDIA gpu, does anyone know if there's any truth in that?

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    Re: ATI or NVIDIA for core i7?

    I don't know about that, at the moement the nvidia card have the performance lead over the ati cards (and in price as well as performance)

    The big thing about the current i7 is the x58 motherboards because they can use both crossfire and sli so you're no longer restricted to one or the other which gives you far more options.
    with the current ati & nvidia lineups they are getting too close to call both have cards that are chasing each other for both performance and price.

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    Re: ATI or NVIDIA for core i7?

    At the moment the ATI cards have the lead in bang for buck, but which ever you go for you'll be happy.

    There's no intrinsic performance difference on i7, however anandtech have had some problems with the catalyst drivers (ATI) on their motherboard - it's more or less fixed by the hotfix drivers ATI released, but they still would prefer the WHQL drivers to be 100% stable.

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