Hi everyone,

I am upgrading from a Dell 2005FPW to a Apple 30" Cinema Display. Now, the last monitor had S-Video and composite inputs which sadly the ACD does not.

I have had a look at the Elgato Hybrid tuner which would allow S-Video and Composite in.

At the moment I'm using composite (basic sky box) which really isn't the best so I was going to upgrade it to a Sky+ which has S-Video out. On the sky website though, I saw existing Sky+ customers need to pay £199 for another box, so I will get the HD box instead for just £99!

Question is, is it possible to connect a Sky HD box into a Mac Pro? I assume it will be encrypted to which OS X or the monitor support, can software work around this problem also what software would view the stream? I saw the blackmagic intensity card (sorry I can't post a URL) but I don't know if its designed for this purpose.

Or, should I get the HD box installed in the livingroom and move the Sky+ box from there to the office and go with the Elgato tuner? My current basic Sky box doesn't work with S-Video so I really need to change it - the picture looks bad enough on my 20" so I'd dread to see it on a 30" screen.

I've got about 2 weeks until the Mac and monitor arrive, so I'm trying to order everything in on time for its arrival, so any help would be greatly appriciated.

Appologies for the huge post and if I posted this in the wrong section.