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Thread: Wireless Printer issues.

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    Wireless Printer issues.


    Got a new wireless printer for my Bday. With the printer I got a USB cable, installation disk and instructions. Following the instructions to set it up, first of all it tells me to connect the printer to my laptop via the USB cable. When I do that, my printer recognises new hardware and installs the new hardware (drivers etc).

    Then the instructions tell me to insert the installation disk (with the printer still connected to my laptop via the USB cable). I insert the disk, and it takes me through the wireless set-up procedure. Part way through the installation procedure, it tells me to disconnect the USB cable, so the printer is disconnected from the laptop. The printer then searches for all available wireless networks. The installation procedure on my laptop screen tells me that the printer has found my wireless network and asks me if I want it to connect to that network. I click 'yes'. The installation procedure on my laptop screen then tells me 'Congratulations the printer is connected to my wireless network'. A little colour-coded light shines on the printer to indicate that it is indeed connected to a wireless network. The installation procedure then ends. However, when I try to print a test page, it tells me that my laptop could not communicate with my printer, so it won't print! Now, the printer definitely prints okay, because everything runs perfectly when the printer is connected to the laptop via the USB cable, so I'm pretty sure the printer is not faulty.

    Everytime I go to 'my printers' it tells me the printer is offline, even though clearly it's switched on, all the lights are on and it's ready to go!

    Im i just being stupid here?


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    Re: Wireless Printer issues.

    Is it a HP printer by chance?
    If so, check their website, they've recently released a critical update for wireless networking issues which improves the reliability greatly

    Random thing is, I was up my sisters wireless printer this morning

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    Re: Wireless Printer issues.

    Its a Dell wireless printer and laptop. Im sure its something silly but i cant see it.Would i need to run a home ireless network setup after imstalling the printer software etc?

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