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Thread: memory timings

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    • mt50's system
      • Motherboard:
      • asrock 945DVI
      • CPU:
      • E6300@2250mhz
      • Memory:
      • 2gig ram
      • Storage:
      • 120gig IDE(storage) 80GIG sata(os)
      • Graphics card(s):
      • 8600GT 256mb
      • PSU:
      • 380w antec
      • Case:
      • antec nsk4400
      • Monitor(s):
      • 15inc tft/19inch widescreen tft
      • Internet:
      • 20mm virgin

    memory timings

    hi, i have got a stick of pc2100 ram(256mb) and just ran cpu-z
    this is the screen chot-

    are those timings any good,what do they mean? is that i good overclock for generic pc2100 ram?


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    the lower the numbers the tighter(faster)the mem timing will be,cas latency would have the biggest effect on performance,the tightest you should be able to get them would be,cas - 2.0,ras to cas - 2,ras - 2,tras - bet would be to change one at a time and check with memtest after each change to check for mem errors,might be worth running sandra mem benchmark before and after to see how much of an improvement you get

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