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Thread: Upgrade or not?

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    Question Upgrade or not?


    Having had my trusty AMD 3800+ 939 Venice CPU for a couple of years now I am considering upgrading to dual-core or better by would appreciate some of your experiences/opinions in doing so.

    I have a Hiper 525W PSU, SATA DVD drive, Sapphire ATI 4830 512MB PCI-E video card which would port over to my 'new' build. Other than this most would be a 'core' replacement.

    The machine would be for some gaming, Internet/email, occasional video conversion and looking to run Dynamips/GN3 (possibly in virtualbox environment). I like the idea of multi-tasking, i.e. virus scan while gaming, while downloading etc.

    Given some basic ideas would the following be advisable?

    Q6700 or E5200/E5400 CPU - maybe Q9550 but pricey atm.
    4GB Corsair XMS or Crucial Ballistix RAM
    Gigabyte EP43-DS3L or Asus P5QL-EPU
    Artice Freezer 64 Pro (intel)

    Poss. 'candy':

    Samsung F1 1TB SATA drive
    Antec 300 Case.

    I may do some mild o/c'g but haven't done in the past due to my limitations with hardware and not toasting the system so the extra cooling/space in the Antec 300 is attractive. Any advice on overclocking the above CPUs with expected temps/power draw would be helpful. I understand the gigabyte mobo overclocks fairly well but no reviews of the Asus board above.

    I don't want the temperature to be very high as this will be in a bedroom that is south-facing and warm enough anyway, so any thoughts on the realistic side of this and overclocking the CPUs above appreciated too.
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