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Thread: Need to build a small system for work(ITX??) need help

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    Need to build a small system for work(ITX??) need help

    I build my own pcs, no knowledge of ITX tho.

    I need to build myself a small pc (no monitor mouse kb in budget) for work, basically some simple programs, maybe simple photoshop office etc and web browsing. Simple picture editing.

    Must be wireless (preferably not just add a dongle as dongles never seem to work as well.)
    Must contain space for one hard disk.(laptop or whatever is fine)
    Size of case isnt a massive issue but dont want anything massive.

    Budget £200 dont want to go much higher really but its a little bit flexible, be nice to go lower. (would be good to be able to install a tv etc card to turn it into a media centre at a later stage.

    If anyone can advise me of the bast place to shop for the best value parts, and what parts are best id appreciate it. Also if anyone has a solution other than ITX, id be interested in hearing. Im not really sure what the best path is.

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    Re: Need to build a small system for work(ITX??) need help

    a lot of the itx boards are running atom processors these days, which are great for simple SD video and web browsing. for photoshop tasks however will be better with a skt775 core based processor, this does mean the system cost will go up

    something like this would be a good start, particularly if you want it to double as a media centre at some point

    but would prob blow your budget when the build is finished

    good place to look for itx parts are the following shops:

    The later has a system configurator and might be an easy way of doing things

    Good luck

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    Re: Need to build a small system for work(ITX??) need help

    TBH an Atom based system is the only one which will fit your very low budget and expansion space is not there strong point. Mini ITX based systems are not cheap and if you were to go for a micro ATX based one you can get a decent enough system for around £200.

    This is the cheapest I can think off which is not an Atom based system:

    ZOTAC GeForce 8200-ITX WiFi Mini-ITX ~ £94 including postage:

    If you need to have an expansion ability in the form of a PCI or PCI-E slot you will need to go for a more expensive motherboard which will cost around £20 to £30 more:

    Jetway JNC81-LF ~ £94

    WiFi Module ~ £26

    Silverstone SG05B mini ITX case with 300w PSU ~ £80

    AMD Phenom II X4 245 ~ £49

    Samsung F1 320gb hard drive ~ £33

    2gb PC2-6400 DDR2 RAM ~ £18

    Slimline DVD writer ~ £25

    SATA adaptor for slimline dvd writer ~ £5

    You should be able to get free postage from Scan too. The total comes to around £305 which is way over your budget and does not include an OS.

    I would look at getting a micro-ATX based system as you can shave at least around £90 off the cost of a similar mini-ITX based system.

    The only other option is to get an ATOM based system.

    There is this one with a single cored Atom processor and has XP installed for under your budget:

    This one has a dual core Atom processor and a much better IGP but has no OS:

    However the SG05 based system will destroy for performance and can actually be upgraded!
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