Alright dudes,

Currently in my machine I have a Deskstar 120 gig 7200rpm which I use to store video for editing and general storage. and an 80 gig 7200 rpm (which is my system drive). Just picked up a 120 gig maxtor 5400rpm thing which I'm thinking of stuffing in my main box as the system and general storage drive and using the 120 gig as purely video only.

I've got a second box which is going to be a web sever ( when it goes online!) and was thinking of stuffing the 80 gig 7200rpm drive in that machine.

Would this seem like the route to go to take advantage of the drives performance or is the performance between a 5400 and a 7200 rpm drive minimal enough not to notice?

Not expecting massive amounts of hits to this site as it's hosted down a cable broadband connection. But all the same, every little helps and the extra 40 gigs would be more useful on my main box.