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Thread: 17" laptop/touch screen desktop suggestions

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    17" laptop/touch screen desktop suggestions

    My grandparents are after a laptop/all in one PC for everyday use. They are fed up with their 5 year old bulky desktop and want a smaller smarter solution.

    Money is of little concern if they see something perfect for them, but I would like stuff around the £700-£900 if possible. They quite like the idea of touch screen, but just to clarify the modern touch screens work with everything, browsers to MSN etc? If a laptop it needs a minimum screen size of 17" and again preferably touch screen, desktops/all in one the bigger the screen the better! Performance isnt that important, I play the odd game when im over there but a mid spec'd machine would be enough!

    Can anyone recommend any good touch screen laptops/all in one desktops?

    cheers guys

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    Re: 17" laptop/touch screen desktop suggestions

    Most of the smaller all-in-one's are atom based so not much use for games

    A seperate touch screen and a small form factor pc might be better

    of course a decent graphics card will be an issue due to size.

    Also is there an eye-sight issue?
    If so an old 19" 1280x1024 touch screen monitor might be a better idea, although they are expensive

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