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Thread: Monitor Backlight Problems

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    Exclamation Monitor Backlight Problems

    I have a Hanns-G HW191D 19' I've had it for about a 2-3 years and now its starts to develop this annoying problem. After about 1-2 hours the back light starts flicker between full brightness and ever so slightly dimmer. I was wondering if anyone had any similar problems with LCD monitors, and how to possible solve it. I'm not scared of opening it up and fiddling around with it.

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    Re: Monitor Backlight Problems

    Often it is the inverter that drives the backlight. I had a problem with one - turned out to be a capacitor on the inverter board. If you can get to it, it might be worth investigating that area.

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    Re: Monitor Backlight Problems

    Yeah, 2-3 years timeframe generally equals knackered capacitors. Sometimes you can't tell from a visual inspection. I fixed an ebay "faulty" LCD like this a while - £30 for a 22" LCD; awesome.

    You will need a soldering iron, solder sucker, 60/40 rosin core solder and some small snips to cut off the new caps' legs - non-pathetic scissors will do at a pinch if you don't mind blunting them slightly. You can get caps with free delivery from Farnell.

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    Re: Monitor Backlight Problems

    Cheers guys I'll look into it, its just odd because the majority of the time its fine its just every now and then it throws a hissy fit.

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