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Thread: AMD cooling

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    Question AMD cooling

    What air cooling solution would be best for cooling an AMD 3200 if cost were not a problem? Suggestions for the ultimate air cooling setup for this processor?...
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    Thermalright SP97 & an appropriate fan of your choice.

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    What Buff said, but be aware that the ThermalTake Volcano 12 Extreme costs a lot less, and gives almost as good performance.

    See it as the ThermalRight = 9800XT and ThermalTake = 9800pro. The XT is better, but the Pro is almost as good, for a lot less cash.

    SP97 is not far short of £40, and that's without a decent fan, say £12 for a Vantec Tornado, leaving not much change out of 50 notes, where as the Volcano 12 Extreme - £16 all in.

    See it as the ThermalRight = An Owl, and the ThermalTake = an Eagle.

    The Owl can fly really fast & twist his head around, and the Eagle can just fly really fast; but when are either of them going to need to twist their head's around, in the real world? Never! Its just hype from the pro Owl right-wing press.

    Maybe to impress a bird in a bar somewhere, but the sort of women impressed with that sort of thing... there not worth the time of day mate.

    Fact is, only 3 Owls have twisted their heads right around since the turn of the year, and one of those did his back in, and what did he get from this little adventure? Three weeks off work, that's what he got.

    Do you want that? Do you want blood on your hands?

    Always the Eagle, never the Owl. That's my motto, and its made me the man I am today.

    I'm quite angry now, actually. Owls! Who needs 'em?
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    Personally I like the aerocool dp102 fitted with 2x80mm papst 19db 25cfm fans - works a treat and looks sexeh

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    thermaltake 9+ if u have a window mate, looks da bomb, but for sheer power i have EIGHT thermaltake 11+ with 2 thermaltake hardcano 12 fan controllers,theyre case fans, ad the 9+ on my cpu, even over clocked its still at 20 degrees

    conclusion = thermatake all the way
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