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Thread: The things I do for tech support

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    The things I do for tech support

    In relation to this thread:

    I have e-mailed Seagate about one of my SATA drives dropping off the RAID array from a cold boot, and one of their staff got back to me and asked if I had the latest drivers and BIOS.

    Well I decided to take the piss a bit.

    The last BIOS update for my mobo was in September last year. Silicon Image have since released a newer RAID BIOS, but Gigabyte haven't updated. So, I fired up CBROM, ripped out the old SiI bios and tried sticking the new one in. Unfortunately it was a kilobyte too big.

    So, it was a tossup between the EPA logo and the ATA133 RAID BIOS. Well, I don't use ATA RAID and I like pictures, so the logo stayed, ATA RAID went.

    So, I'm now running an up to date bios. Perhaps I should e-mail it to Gigabyte in case they wan't to use it (I might do a version with the ATA RAID and without the EPA logo, lol.)

    Anyway, if anybody else fancies their integrated sata bios updating just let me know. I have dual bios so I really have nothing to worry about, but in any case, unless something goes horribly wrong, and I can't see how, then the worst that'll happen is the SATA side won't work until you flash the original bios back.

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