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Thread: water cooling

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    water cooling

    I was not going to "Do water cooling this time"

    But I'm running 24x3 monitors and want to span a game across all 3 using eye infinity, i don't think nvidia card can do that yet.

    I'm going to look at the quality of the 6990 when they turn up and look then decide who to do. Either get two 6990 or maybe 3 6970s what works out faster.

    However this will get warm, so water cooling looks like a must. What rads will fit in the top of a HAF x and will it be big enough to cool the cards, I've an H70 on the sandy bridge so I'm may just run to separate systems.

    I know i have to swap out the MB asus look like I could swap it with them for an upgrade. For the sabre-toothe or the maxiums extreme 4. Is it worth doing the MB as well?

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    Re: water cooling

    The improvement of 3 6970s over 2 would be minimal I would imagine.

    With regards to watercooling I looked into watercooling myself and this is what I read: how much radiator you require is dictated by 2 things primarily: Obviously the quality of the radiator and how many fans you put on it and what noise level you are willing to put up with.

    A single good quality 120mm with 1 fan running at close to 3000rpm could dissipate 300watts of heat while maintaining a delta temperature of 10 celius. Obviously that would be completelying deafing.

    Having a look around google I think the TDP of the Hd 6970 is 250w. So a good quality dual radiator with 2 fans in push and pull would probably be able to handle crossfired Hd 6970s while maintaing pretty reasonable noise levels and mediocre cooling for watercooling but much better temperatures than air cooling and also be significantly quieter.

    I am pretty sure the case you have can accomadate a decent dual rad.

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