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Thread: Intel ICH6RW manufacturing issue

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    Intel ICH6RW manufacturing issue

    Discussion thread for you folks, based on some breaking news we've got from Intel.
    Quote Originally Posted by HEXUS News
    We've got some additional detail and solid confirmation on the Intel ICH6RW manufacturing issue, initially reported by Kyle Bennet's [H]ard|OCP.

    Intel has described this issue to HEXUS as a “manufacturing excursion problem on selected ICH6 'lots'” where “incomplete film on the die pad area makes the ICH6 controller susceptible to real-time clock leakage.

    Basically an Intel customer discovered operating issues with certain samples of Intel's new ICH6RW, the 'Southbridge' component of it's recently launched i925 and i915 chipset.

    Intel engineers have now confirmed this to HEXUS and that the likely symptoms of one of the affected ICH6RW parts is “a failure to 'boot' and other system anomalies”.

    We suggest that if a user has taken advantage of the innovative RAID capabilities of the ICH6RW perhaps this may even cause data loss, though we've had no reports of this to date.

    Characteristically Intel seem to have responded quickly to this, and is apparently working with its customers to identify the location of all i925 and i915 based products that could have one of the ICH6RW from the faulty 'lots'.

    An Intel representative was keen to stress to HEXUS that this is not a 'blanket' recall of ICH6RW, nor indeed new mainboards and systems based upon the i925 and i915 chipset, as it is not a design problem with the ICH6RW per se, but a failure in the execution of manufacturing.

    It was also suggested to HEXUS that at this stage, many - if not most - i925 and i915 mainboards and systems are currently with the Press and select OEM customers.

    Furthermore Intel seemed to be of the belief that most, though not all, of the afflicted products have already been identified and are in the process of being replaced.

    The cost of this exercise will not be insignificant – both in monetary and perhaps from a customer confidence perspective- but an Intel representative confirmed that “everything will be covered at Intel's expense”.

    He continued “If an end user has a problem then they are advised to contact the manufacturer and also Intel.”

    If you're one of the HEXUS faithful who has already taken the plunge and acquired an i925 or i915 chipset mainboard or system, then be sure and let us know you mileage.
    So, if you've got such a motherboard then how is it running? Any other comments or opinions are also welcome.

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    Hmm. Odd for something like that to happen. Intel might take a fairly big blow in the media for this. Some magazines do like to scandalize Intel for stuff like this. Good to know that Intel is covering it at their own expense but I suppose they would.

    It's a shame that something like this had to happen to Intel's new boards, they were looking quite promising. Might scare a few people of initially.

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