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Thread: nForce Refined v4.63

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    nForce Refined v4.63

    A combination of drivers from v4.24, 4.40 & 5.03 that i've found produce the best performance without sacrificing stability, use at your own risk, readme.txt below.

     Driver versions included in this package that differ from v4.24 available on nVidia's site
     Audio Driver v4.42
     Audio Utility v4.44
     Ethernet v4.40
     GART v4.40
     MemCtl v4.40
     SMBus v4.40
     1. This package is for nForce2, Windows XP platforms.
     Be sure to extract the entire contents of nrv4.63xp.rar before running setup.exe and use DriverCleaner
     ( to remove existing nForce driver installations. It is also advised that if
     you are updating your chipset drivers you should first remove your display, update the chipset and then reinstall
     your display, this can prevent issues with the GART driver.
     The contents of nrv4.63xp.rar are property of nVidia (
     Please visit #nForce-Central on a channel for nForce enthusiasts
     This package was created by LayZeh (

    Download here
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    tested and seem stable

    cheers mate no rep for me to add to though

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    Downloading now, will give them a shot, thanks m8
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