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Thread: Fan running too slowly

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    Question Fan running too slowly

    I checked Asus Probe just now and saw the following ...

    I was wondering if my fan's running too slowly (circled), or is that ok? I'm pretty certain that that's the 120mm AcoustiFan I have sitting behind the hard-drive at the front of the case. I have AMD Cool n Quiet turned on and have also turned on the inbuilt fan-controls which are in the bios for slowing down the fans when they're not needed. If you want more detailed information I can go check it?

    Last PC I had was a coolermaster tower thing with 6 fans on the case alone ... I'm not used to such stealth cooling

    Thanks for any comments

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    Well, your mobo and CPU temps seem OK, so I guess the fan is spinning more than quickly enough. :-) Mind you - assumming you are in the UK - it's not been so hot lately. Suggest you keep an eye on it in hotter weather: if it stays like this, you are OK.

    Mind you, this is a 'front fan' drawing in cool air. The hard/hot stuff is done at the rear. I have my Zalman pumping air off my CPU, but then my power supply gets rid of it as it rises as it has one 'suck' and one 'blow' fan on it. I also have a rear case fan close by. I found that these were more than enough (with the Zalman CPU cooler fan running at just under 2000rpm) to keep my P4@3.5GHz cool. So much so, in fact, that I disconnected the noisy top case fan. Never had a problem since.

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