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Thread: HDD / SATA driver infor required

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    HDD / SATA driver infor required

    Hi im running an abit nforce-s v2 mobo
    I have 2 Hard drives, one on each SATA connection
    NOT running a raid configuration

    the drivers i have installed are simply the 1.21 Silicon image 3112 SATA driver (needed for initial installation of XP onto the SATA drive 0)


    Windows XP - Unified Driver version 4.27 motherboard drivers from the nvidia website.

    are there any newer HDD/SATA drivers i should update?
    i am running XP pro SP2
    AMD Barton 2500 / NForce2-s V2 / Corsair TwinMX 3200 LL

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    831 times in 470 posts there's a link to silicon image's product page... which has a product support link on it.

    From there you can check for newer drivers. They tend to recommend you get the drivers from the motherboard maker's website, however.
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